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Droplet-on-Demand Microfluidic System - Mitos Dropix from Dolomite

Droplet-on-Demand Microfluidic System - Mitos Dropix from Dolomite

The Mitos Dropix is a droplet-on-demand system developed for easily generating highly miniaturized droplet compartments with a very high control over environment, volume and isolation of contents.

The system is compact and portable and is capable of generating droplets of up to 24 samples and storing up to 1000 droplets with sizes down to 50nl. The accessories for Mitos Dropix include the Dropix Sample Strip Holder (Part No. 3200356), which is a SBS 192 well plate configuration allowing integration with present standard fluid handling systems.

It is possible to insert up to eight Dropix Sample Strips in the Dropix Sample Strip Holder, facilitating preparation before operating with the Mitos Dropix. The device enables the user to pre-program commands for droplet collection via an easy-to use PC software user interface.

This permits long droplet collection sequences to be autonomously run with a short set-up time and also implies that the user defined settings can be saved in order to use in different occasions thus saving time when repeating experiments.

Key Features

The key features of the Mitos Dropix are:

  • It is a small portable device
  • Can be set up easily without any tools
  • Automated droplet production from 24 samples in any sequence
  • Can generate droplet sizes down to 50nl
  • Can generate up to 5 droplets per second
  • Complete visibility of the samples and droplet generation within the Dropix Fluid Reservoir -PMMA (Part No. 3200414)
  • Storage of droplets in the removable transparent Droplet Storage Coil - 0.25mm (Part No.3200349) for external experimentation and analysis
  • After setup it can run autonomously for up to 24h
  • Very good control of droplet size and frequency via PC software


Mitos Dropix a broad range of industries that include food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agrochemical and research. Some of the applications are:

  • Droplet library creation
  • Synthetic chemistry
  • Drug bioassays
  • Cell encapsulation
  • Diagnosis screening
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