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Telos Microfluidic System from Dolomite for High-Throughput Droplet, Particle and Flow Product Generation

Telos is an excellent microfluidic system that enables parallel microfluidic processes that include micro-particle production, emulsion generation, high throughput mixing and micro-reactions. It has a scalable, modular and highly flexible technology that enables the production of litres of droplets or particles with excellent control and performance benefiting a broad range of applications.

Each of the Telos modules contains a Telos microfluidic chip having a typical flow output of 3ml/min of droplet-in-water. A linear scale-up of up to 30ml/min is obtained by stacking together up to 10 modules.

Dolomite offers two types of module based on the customer’s choice of flow collection. With the standards Telos system-edge collection, it is possible to place a fluid reservoir below the chips so that the emulsion can be collected in a bulk solution. This configuration is recommended for viscous fluids and prevents droplet coalescence.

Alternatively, the Telos system - tube collection enables collection of the output into a downstream tubing permitting introduction of flow resistance downstream of the chip and easier visual access with a microscope.

Key Features

The key features of the microfluidic system Telos are:

  • High throughput microfluidics is possible
  • Tool - free system set up
  • Scalable with up to 10 chips in parallel
  • Various configurations possible to suit many application
  • Wide temperature and pressure range
  • Very good chemical compatibility
  • Optical access above and below chip
  • Excellent flow control during priming and operation


Telos finds applications in industries such as pharmaceutical, food, agrochemical, cosmetics and research, which include:

  • High throughput emulsion and foam generation
  • DNA, cell and bead encapsulation
  • Parallel micromixing and micro-reactions
  • Microparticle and nanoparticle synthesis
  • Novel product formulation
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