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High Dynamic Range and High Sensitivity with Lumenera’s INFINITY Fluorescence Series

The INFINITY Fluorescence Series Bundle available from Lumenera is a complete fluorescence microscopy imaging solution that includes high-end INFINITY3 series scientific cameras and feature-rich software packages to provide a complete fluorescence microscopy imaging solution.

The INFINITY3 series cameras features Sony CCD sensors to provide high sensitivity, high dynamic range and optional thermoelectric cooling, resulting in fast preview speeds and superior image quality. The cameras excel in fluorescence, even under complex conditions.

The INFINITY3 series is available in three models: : INFINITY3-1URF, INFINITY3-3URF or INFINITY3-1PF. Customers can choose the INFINITY3 series camera model that best suits their application needs, in monochrome or color.

Key Features

The main features of the INFINITY Fluorescence series cameras are:

  • High dynamic range
  • High sensitivity
  • Excellent quality image
  • Fast preview speeds
  • Capture and process images with excellent reproducibility and precision
  • Optional thermoelectric cooling
  • Module USB key
  • Advanced loaner hardware replacement
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