Wyatt Technology Eclipse® DUALTEC Field Flow Fractionation System for FFF-MALS Absolute Molar Masses and Sizes

Eclipse DUALTEC from Wyatt Technology has unprecedented sensitivity and flexibility, separating nanoparticles, polymers, biopolymers and proteins with high productivity. The advent of fifth generation Flow-FFF system from Wyatt Technology has extended the limitations of Field Flow Fractionation.

The brand-new Eclipse® DUALTEC is the first commercially available Field Flow Fractionation system featuring both the Hollow-Fiber Flow-FFF (HF5) and Asymmetric Flow-FFF (AF4) techniques in a single instrument. Switching between the techniques is simple by flipping a software switch. Following method development, the separation can be switched to AF4 channels for scale-up due to their higher sample load.

The Eclipse DUALTEC complements size exclusion chromatography (SEC). Hence, FFF is on stand-by as an orthogonal approach to SEC even in an automated operation. HF5 can be seamlessly integrated into SEC. In addition, integrating HF5 and AF4 is also possible, thereby providing access to two different channel configurations. Method transfer can be carried out using the Eclipse ISIS software without any extra experimental work. The Eclipse ISIS software is a patented program to deduce a separation result on the basis of the input of flow-rates and channel geometry.

Key Features of Eclipse DUALTEC

The key features of the Eclipse DUALTEC are listed below:

  • Enabling rapid and automatic switching between the two preferred separation modules, i.e., AF4 channel for SEC and higher sample load, and HF5 for ultra-high sensitivity.
  • Disposable HF5 channel cartridges are easily replaceable within seconds at minimal costs.
  • The patented Eclipse ISIS software facilitates the method transfer seamlessly without the requirement for any additional experiments

Key Features and Advantages of HF5

The following are the key features and advantages of HF5:

  • HF5 separation is an optimum Flow-FFF technique with high sensitivity, low dead volume, and short analysis time
  • HF5 is recommended for method development due to minimal consumption of sample, solvent and time.
  • The Eclipse HF5 channel cartridge can be used for over a hundred injections
  • Reduced downtime because a fresh cartridge can be replaced within seconds at minimal costs
  • No membrane to install or cleaning step required
  • High sensitivity allows for trace component detection and is indispensible to improve peak capacity
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