Wyatt Technology ViscoStar™ II Viscometer for SEC-MALS Triple Detection

The ViscoStar™ II viscometer offered by Wyatt Technology has low baseline drift and noise. With unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio, the online differential viscometer accepts external signals for zero, purge, and recycle. It features Ethernet and USB communications and full color LCD display that transmits data at a glance. User-selectable delay volumes and Transducer Protection System (TPS) are the other features of the ViscoStar™ II viscometer.

Professor Skip Rochefort’s group at Oregon State University together with Wyatt Technology measured the intrinsic viscosity and Mark-Houwink-Sakurada (MHS) behavior of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) using instruments, including an Optilab rEX, a DAWN EOS, and a ViscoStar. Using the strange MHS behavior, the difference in HA MHS coefficients reported in the literature was explained.

Key Specifications

The following table summarizes the key specifications of the ViscoStar II:

Differential Viscosity Data
Precision 18 bits
Linearity 0.5% of full scale
Integration time 0.1 sec to infinity, increments of 0.1 sec
Max. deltaP 5kPa (0.725 psi), protected against overpressure
deltaP noise < 0.15 Pa (2.2•10-5 psi)
deltaP drift < 2.5 Pa/hr (3.6•10-4 psi/hr)
Sample shear rate 5000 Hz*
Maximum flow rate 1-3mL/min (solvent dependent)
Delay volume options 27, 12 or 4 mL
Max. outlet pressure 220kPa (31.9 psi)
Max. system pressure 690kPa (100 psi), protected against overpressure
Cell volume 33 µL / bridge arm
Bridge capillary i.d. 0.25mm
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