Eclipse DUALTEC Field Flow Fractionation by Wyatt Technology

The new Eclipse DUALTEC from Wyatt Technology is a high-end separation technology capable of performing perfect separation of nanoparticles and macromolecules such as proteins. By facilitating superior reproducibility and standardization, this instrument separates samples with very high productivity. The new Eclipse DUALTEC provides both the AF4 and HF5 separation techniques in a single device.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the Eclipse DUALTEC:

  • The best separation technique can be selected by the users for their every specific application
  • Replacement of the patented hollow fiber cartridge after use is possible, eliminating sample cross-contamination and microbial colonization problems
  • Fast, simple, and leakage-proof channel assembly with new sample injection mode (“on-the-fly”)
  • New channel technology (patented enhanced sealing technology (EST)) enables separating high sample amounts and volumes up to semi-preparation level
  • Improved recovery rate, reduced memory peaks, and injection devoid of flow interruption
  • Improved separation results with temperature control option, especially for polymer and biopolymer samples
  • The separation is carried out in a computer controlled simulation while all factors are varied to identify the optimum conditions possible
  • Saves high-cost sample materials and eliminates laborious preliminary testing sterility
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