High Throughput Temperature Controlled Nanoparticle Sizing with the DynaPro Plate Reader II by Wyatt Technology

With the stable, automated DynaPro™ Plate Reader II, users can have the flexibility to handle challenging applications with high levels of convenience, productivity and repeatability. This plate reader features a sophisticated technology that delivers unprecedented high throughput dynamic light scattering performance.

Key Features

  • Using the DYNAMICS® software, data collection is automatically carried out subsequent to loading the plate into the DynaPro without any manual interference
  • The DYNAMICS® software is fully compatible with proven liquid handling robotics
  • Direct sample measurements using the non-invasive technology from industry-standard microplates (96, 384, or 1536 well plates) with a minimum sample volume of 5µL per well
  • Sample recovery after data acquisition can be done by discarding plates without any cleaning

Key Specifications

The following table summarizes the key specifications of the DynaPro™ Plate Reader II:

Supported Well Plate Formats 96 or 384 or 1536
Size Range (radius) 0.5 to 1000nm
Minimum Concentration at 14kDa 0.125mg/mL
Laser Wavelength 830nm
Scattering Angle Detected 158°
Laser Power 0-75mW, programmable
Attenuation Range 1 to 106
Temperature Control 4ºC to 85ºC
Minimum Sample Volume 4µL
Correlator 512 channels, multi-tau, 100nsec sampling time
Data Acquisition Time 1 to 3600s
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