SOPRA GES5E Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

SOPRA GES5E Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

The GES5E is the SOPRA core instrument for R&D applications. GES5E integrates advanced and well proven opto-mechanical designs coupled to high performance electronics, Spectrometers and spectrographs and user friendly WindowsTm software. GES5E is the most recent model of 5 generations of spectroscopic ellipsometers developed by SOPRA.

With over than 20 years of experience in Spectroscopic Ellipsometry technology, SOPRA is widely recognized today as a prime player in this market today.

As a consequence SOPRA Spectroscopic Ellipsometers are currently used as the ReferenceTM tools for Thin Film measurements in both R&D and the Industry.

The unique advantage of the GES5E Platform is that High Resolution measurement mode and Fast measurement mode can coexist on the same platform. This allows material development qualification but also process development control by Fast routine mapping measurements.

GES5E Optical Platform allows various measurement mode from Standard Ellipsometry to generalized Ellipsometry going thru photometric measurements (in Transmission and Reflection), Scatterometry, luminescence measurements. All measurements are made automatically as a function of: wavelength, angle of incidence, polarization state and time. Standard spectral range is 230-900nm, and can be extended in both DUV and NIR regions by selecting the adequate options (please refer to SE Options).

Material advanced characterization can also be run on the GES5E by coupling environmental chamber, heating plate, liquid cells and Cryostats. The last development in that field is the EPA (Ellipsometric Porosimeter Atmospheric) option allowing porosity measurement of thin films.

GES5E and its numerous options allows to cover the most advanced the R&D applications in material science today.

GES5E is widely used in Research Laboratories and Universities working in the following fields: Semiconductors, Optics, Optical Telecommunications, Flat Panel Displays, Data Storage, Thin Metals, Chemistry, Biology, organic applications etc…

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