SOPRA IRSE5E Infrared Ellipsometer

SOPRA IRSE5E Infrared Ellipsometer

SOPRA has developed a Stand alone Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (FTIR-SE) covering spectral range from 1.5µm to 17 µm (550 cm-1) as standard using highly sensitive MCT detector and to 33µm using Optional DTGS detector and special optics.

The Infra Red ellipsometer can measure without contact and reference sample at atmopheric pressure and can be easely implemented in in-situ applications

Among other applications one can list: Semi conductor Epilayers (thickness , doping Concentration and profile), Dielectric films characterization (BPSG, SiON, SiOF,…), monitoring of amorphous silicon and silicon Nitride quality ([H] content) , ITO film optical and electrical characterization. Material composition, chemical bondings. Stealth materials characterization is also actively done using IRSE system.

In addition to the IR ellipsometry, GES IRSE offers the possibility to use the instruments as a standard Fourier Transform spectrometer and perform photometric measurements like transmittance and reflectance, versus angle, polarization.

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