NT-MDT Solver NEXT Scanning Probe Microscope

The Solver Next is the first to offer a new concept in general purpose SPM. This new design offers "on-board expertise" opening the way for all user levels to acquire quality SPM images in a short amount of time.

The hassle of manual setup has been eliminated. Intuitive automation guides you through the setup, adjustment and samples measurements. The system incorporates smart software, automated head exchange, motorized sample positioning under video monitored control, ergonomic design at a reasonable price - all this makes SPM operation suitable for even a novice. Experienced users will quickly recognize the benefits of the design and be amazed with the Solver Next's simplicity, ease-of-use, high capabilities and quality of images.

The system has closed-loop sensors to compensate for inherent piezoelectric imperfections such as scan nonlinearity, creep and hysteresis. With two built-in automatically interchangeable AFM and STM heads, and two additional removable heads for operating in liquid environments and nanoindentation you now have the freedom to work with a variety of samples, measuring modes and conditions. The Solver Next has an advanced controller with library of scripts and MAC OS compatibility for versatility to meet the many challenges of scientific research.

Key features:

  • Automated exchange of AFM and STM heads
  • Automated alignment of optical feedback geometry (cantilever-laser-photodiode)
  • Motorized software driven sample positioning
  • Motorized focus and zoom of the optical view
  • Motorized positioning of the optical sample view
  • Motorized enclosure door for improved isolation
  • Automated software driven control of measurement modes

Performance capabilities:

  • All basic Atomic Force Microscopy techniques - topography, phase imaging, measurement of electric properties, nanolithography and more
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
  • Wide range of operating conditions for experimentation - in air or liquid
  • Low 'noise capacitive closed' loop feedback in all three directions (XYZ) provides precision Nanometrology
  • Atomic resolution
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