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High Vacuum Evaporation System - Quorum Technologies K975X

High Vacuum Evaporation System - Quorum Technologies K975X

The K975X Turbo Evaporator, is a multiple application system to enable a range of preparation techniques to be applied with the flexibility and module expansion capability to develop new methods and prepare new specimens.

It allows for Carbon Evaporation, Metal Evaporation from both Baskets and Crucibles and a Sputter Coating option.

A range of techniques can be practiced including carbon support films and replicas for TEM, Carbon/Metal Evaporation, Low Angle Shadowing and sequential layer coatings using dual source evaporation and the Sputter Coating option can be used for a range of target materials.

The system flexibility is further enhanced by the use of a microcontroller, which readily allows the Customer access to a range of options, but readily 'defaults' to optimum operating conditions, allowing both fully automatic and manual override as required.

The unique Loading Rack out Drawer sample system gives the user easy sample access with good sample size and the hinged lid assembly makes any other areas of the system readily accessible.

The unit has a Turbo Pump, externally mounted for convenience and easy exchange, and is backed up by a Rotary Vacuum Pump. The complete pumping sequence is under fully automatic control, achieving a high vacuum for evaporation.

The Unit is bench mounted, with easy to use controls, and cannot be damaged by inadvertent use.


  • Automatic pumping sequence
  • Samples up to 140mm square or 200mm diameter
  • Unique 'anti-stick' carbon rod gun evaporation assembly
  • Rack out drawer sample loading system
  • Selectable evaporation supplies giving x 4 evaporation settings
  • Restricted or full vent control
  • Sputter coating (option) for range of metal targets
  • Film thickness monitor (option)


  • Ease of operation
  • Flexible usage
  • Reliable carbon evaporation
  • Convenient sample loading/unloading
  • Flexible operation - carbon and metal evaporation sources
  • Prevents disturbance of samples
  • Fully flexible system
  • Easy to measure level of metal or carbon deposition

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