NT-MDT NanoEducator Platform

NanoEducator - scientific training laboratory of nanotechnology for institutes and universities.

We believe that future scientific breakthroughs have their origins in the present. Following that truth, we have developed a special student-orientated product: NanoEducator. More than a simple SPM, NanoEducator opens the door to nanotechnology education. We've designed it to be cost effective enough to equip a classroom with SPMs, complete with e-teach software, handbooks, and descriptive laboratory exercises - all the materials necessary to teach students crucial skills in nanotechnology.

The following components enable a comprehensive educational process:

  • Easy to use Scanning Probe Microscope
  • Training literature of SPM spectroscopy and nanolithography principles
  • Detailed User's Guide
  • On-line Demo-version of the program leading to high-quality STM imaging in step-by-step manner
  • Advanced contextual Help
  • Advanced FAQ (Frequently Asking Questions) collection
  • Laboratory course with a set of test samples

Teaching process with the NanoEducator use includes Scanning Probe Microscopy principles mastering, nanoobjects and nanostructures research, conducting probe nanolithography and nanomanipulations. The microscope has a special construction protected against random breakdowns, built up digital videocamera allows choosing an interesting surface region and control the tip landing to the surface. Additional set up allows recovery of a damaged probe. As soon as the system does not require expensive consumables the training process becomes very economic. A kit of the most popular samples is supplied.

The new user-friendly software for image acquisition and processing is compatible with Mac and Windows XP operation systems.

Key features:

  • User friendly interface
  • SPM techniques step-by-step mastering
  • Use of visual methods in learning process
  • No complicated adjustments
  • Simple probe replacement
  • Probe recovery availability and inexpensive consumables
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