Oxford Instruments X-Strata980 X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer

Combining a high power X-ray tube and high resolution detector, the X-Strata980 X-ray Fluorescence analyser from Oxford Instruments delivers limits of detection in single digit ppms!

The ability to detect hazardous elements in single digit ppms assures the production of evironmentally friendly product and saves the high expense of costly recall or enforcement of regulatory legislation.

The instrument performs excellent analysis and characterization of multilayer coatings, SAC alloys, µPPF and solar panels.

Key Features:

  • Measure the thickness and/or composition of plating, coatings, and films, containing elements from S through U
  • 5 layers / 15 elements / Common elements correction
  • Composition analysis of up to 25 elements simultaneously
  • Measurement method according to ISO 3497, ASTM B568, DIN 50987 and IEC62321
  • 100W X-ray tube and 25mm2 Peltier cooled PIN detector
  • Multiple collimators
  • Simultaneous analysis of thickness and composition
  • Mapping software
  • Combined calibration method
  • Color-coded pass/fail results
  • Giant chamber


  • Trace analysis of hazardous substances (RoHS/ELV/WEEE)
  • Multi-layer Metallic Coating Thickness Measurement
  • Alloy Identification and Chemistry Analysis
  • Plating solution analysis
  • Gold karat assay
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