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Microfluidics M-710 Production Scale Microfluidizer Processor

Microfluidics M-710 Production Scale Microfluidizer Processor

The new Model M-710 from Microfluidics is a 100 HP high shear fluid processor capable of producing nominal flow rates anywhere from 2.3 gpm (8.7 l/m) at 40,000 psi (2760 bar) to 15 GPM (57 l/m) at 5,000 psi (345 bar). The dual synchronous intensifier pumping system develops high pressure through the patented fixed geometry interaction chambers. This action creates shear forces that reduce particles and droplets to submicron sizes with narrow and uniform distribution, usually in a single pass.

The lightweight longer lasting Zirconia (ceramic) plungers within the intensifier pumps ensure long life for high pressure seals. This, coupled with the interaction chamber's abrasion-resistant ceramic or diamond surfaces, keeps maintenance and repair costs to a minimum. Because the interaction chamber employs no moving parts, no disassembly is required for cleaning. All these features contribute to the Microfludics's 710 Microfluidizer processor's low cost of ownership.

This 100 HP high shear fluid processor is recommended for industries that require:

  • Stable Solids-in-Liquid Dispersions
  • Stable Microemulsions
  • Submicron Particles (Nanoparticles)
  • Deagglomeration
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