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Jenway 6315 - Scanning, UV/Visible Range Spectrophotometer

Jenway 6315 - Scanning, UV/Visible Range Spectrophotometer

The new Jenway Model 6315 completes the 63 Series product range. Building on the platform of the highly successful 6310, the model 6315 uses a pulsed xenon lamp to extend the wavelength range to the UV region. The 6315 is an advanced measuring system with modes for Photometrics, Spectrum Scanning, Kinetics, Concentration and Quantitation and will meet the demands of a wide range of applications in areas such clinical, veterinary, environmental and general QC testing.


  • Scanning UV/Visible spectrophotometer
  • Scans in the range of 1998 to 1000nm
  • Uses pulsed xenon lamp
  • 200 method memory
  • Quantitation using up to 6 standards
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