Carl Zeiss AURIGA CrossBeam (FIB-SEM) Workstation

Carl Zeiss AURIGA CrossBeam (FIB-SEM) Workstation

Does working with your sample cover more than just imaging of the surface? Would you also like to know about the chemical composition or the morphology of your sample? Are you curios about in-depth 3D volume characteristics? Or do you even plan to modify or process your sample?

AURIGA™ the new CrossBeam® Workstation (FIB-SEM) from Carl Zeiss SMT exactly delivers all this - on a nanoscopic scale. Using the best-in-class FIB column and the proprietary GEMINI e-Beam column from Carl Zeiss, together with a completely new designed vacuum chamber for advanced analytics, AURIGA™ assists you in obtaining the maximum information possible out of your sample.

The AURIGATM Benefits

  • Unique Imaging
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Precise Processing
  • Future Assured

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