Sokudo Duo Photolithography Coater/Developer

Sokudo Duo Photolithography Coater/Developer

SOKUDO DUO is an innovative photolithography coater/developer that incorporates the world's first dual track system. Featuring dual-flow wafer processing, the SOKUDO DUO dramatically boosts throughput to 250-300 wafers per hour (wph), depending on system configuration, while substantially reducing system footprint. The SOKUDO DUO design improves wafer output per unit area by up to 40% compared to previous track systems.

Running dual, parallel process lines dramatically improves wafer throughput. Since the load is distributed between two separate lines, the SOKUDO DUO also contributes to higher wafer handling robotics reliability since it enables reduced wafer transfer speeds without compromising wafer throughput.

The dual-flow concept makes it possible to run each wafer process line independently. Maintenance can be performed while the system is running production, greatly reducing system downtime. The overall lithography cell wafer output, productivity is optimized by keeping the coat/develop process running so that expensive photolithography exposure scanner time is not wasted.

The dual process line system is a compact platform design that significantly reduces footprint. Various system configurations can be tailored to match specific coat/develop applications, to deliver optimized wafer output for the available clean-room area.

SOKUDO'S long-cultivated technical know-how in coat, develop and bake technologies were fully incorporated into this new SOKUDO DUO platform to support leading-edge lithography process technology for tomorrow's advanced patterning requirements. The system enables immersion lithography double-patterning processing and features novel wafer cleaning solutions to provide the best leading-edge lithography on-wafer results with high yield.

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