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Elliot Scientific E3100 Optical Tweezer System

Elliot Scientific E3100 Optical Tweezer System

The E3100 Optical Tweezer System is a simple, pre-aligned, fully interlocked, laser workstation for single beam trapping and manipulation of micron sized particles. It incorporates all the key items of hardware within a self contained desktop instrument.

The standard version has been designed as an economical entry-level product to enable non-specialist users to evaluate the technique in a safe class 1 laser environment. For more advanced applications that require higher laser powers, the unit incorporates an optical input port for introducing an external laser source.


  • Cell manipulation via conjugate beam steering optics or precision XY stage
  • XYZ trapping using variable focus stage
  • All essential hardware is within the desktop workstation
  • Laser in fully interlocked Class 1 enclosure
  • Facility for using an external laser
  • Rotation of birefringent particles with optional polarization optics


E3100 Optical Tweezer System comprises:

  • Fully interlocked laser enclosure
  • Internal diode laser source (choice of either 685nm or 785nm), with adjustable output power
  • 100x oil immersion objective with 1.25 NA for laser focusing and effective particle trapping
  • Dichroic Visible/IR mirror
  • Conjugate beam steering optics
  • Sample stage on XYZ micropositioner with manual controls
  • Backlight illumination with adjustable intensity cool light source
  • Colour CCD camera with video out
  • Laser blocking filter
  • Variable focus stage for XYZ trapping
  • Laser power monitor and display
  • Optical input port for use with external lasers

Options and Accessories

For the advanced researcher a number of different breadboard-based custom systems can be configured using an open architecture format for laboratory environments. This range of systems can cater for the many variations needed by users of optical trapping equipment. E3200 custom systems can be supplied either ready assembled or in modular form for the user to set up to match particular requirements.

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