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Nanolane SURFS Slides

Surfs slides are a new generation of microscope slides with unique contrast-enhanced properties allowing the direct characterization of nanometric samples (down to 0.1nm) from a conventional optical microscope. They are used as a direct replacement for glass slides, and can be used in different environments (air, water, etc). They are compatible with upright or inverted reflected light microscope, bright field, crossed polarizers, DIC mode, and many more configurations.

A variety of Surfs slides are available depending on your needs:

  • Upright/inverted
  • Air/Water
  • Top layer: SiO2, TiO2...

Key Features:

  • High sensitivity (z-axis)
    • 1-D nano-object (film): down to 0.1nm
    • 2-D nano-object (tube): down to 2nm across
    • 3-D nano-object (particle): down to 10nm across
  • Large field of view
    • From (70x70)µm² to several mm²
    • Easily change scale by switching objectives without trading off sensitivity
  • Direct Acquisition & Real Time
    • No scanning
    • Dynamic study
  • Lateral resolution (down to 350nm)
  • User friendly & Fast processing
    • Familiar technology (optical microscope)
    • No need for specific training
  • Compatibility
    • Combine your AFM or RAMAN studies with Surfs for easily locating targets
    • Combine Fluorescence and SARFUS images to explore your labelled objects’ environment
  • Non-destructive and non-invasive
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