SENTECH Spectroscopic Ellipsometer SENresearch

SENTECH Spectroscopic Ellipsometer SENresearch

The SENresearch broadband spectroscopic ellipsometer family is designed to meet the requirements of modern research with special emphasis on speed and accuracy for an unmatched variety of applications.

The SENresearch family of spectroscopic ellipsometers treats the effects of real world samples like depolarization, non-uniformities, scattering and backside reflection. SENresearch ellipsometers are operated by SpectraRay/3, SENTECH comprehensive software for data acquisition, modeling, fitting, and reporting of ellipsometric, reflection, and transmission data.


Main applications of the SENresearch broadband spectroscopic ellipsometers are:

  • Thickness and refractive index of films and multi-layer stacks
  • Analysis of material composition
  • Absorption index
  • Index gradient
  • Surface / interface roughness
  • Anisotropic behavior

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