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Posted in | Microfluidic Devices

Dolomite Mitos Resealable Chip Interface

The Mitos Resealable Chip Interface is used in combination with microfluidic chips that can be opened and resealed. The chip base layer is loaded into the holder first followed by the gasket and then the chip top layer. The holder clamps the layers together and provides eight fluidic and eight electrical connections to the chip.

Reagents, sensors, biosensors or cells can be deposited on the chip base layer. The chip base layer material is typically glass, quartz, or polymer. Fluids are then flowed through channels in the gasket layer over the deposited sensors or reagents. The depth of the channels in the gasket is typically between 100 – 500 microns. Applications include: biosensor testing, cell culture and analysis, dielectrophoresis experiments and impedance detection.

Chip Design

The windows at the top and bottom of the holder allow a microscope objective lens to get within millimetres of the microfluidic channel structure. The exact distance depends on the channel size.


  • Low profile allows viewing with a microscope
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Eight fluidic and eight electrical connections
  • Allows deposition of reagents, sensors or cells onto channel surface
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