Izon qNano Nanoparticle Characterization System

Izon's qNano utilizes a new non-optical detection principle to enable the size, concentration, dynamics and charge of a wide range of particle types to be measured with unsurpassed accuracy. Particle-by-particle characterization can occur, covering a size range beyond that of Flow Cytometry and conventional Coulter Counters - and with more accuracy than light-based measurement.

Key Features

Key features of the qNano include:

  • Particle-by-Particle Measurement for Accurate Size Distribution & Sample Polydispersity - Resistive Pulse Sensing combined with Size Tunable Nanopores enables accurate particle-by-particle measurement with representative information on the size and polydispersity of mixtures, without skewing of data as occurs with intensity-weighted biased approaches such as dynamic light scattering (DLS).

  • Real-time. Physiological conditions. Small sample size - Analysis involves pipetting 40ìl of sample into the sample chamber of the qNano. Particle-by-particle measurement builds up population-level data for the sample in real time. There is no need for pre-treatment of samples meaning biologically relevant conditions can be studied, and the level of aggregation can be determined for instance.

  • Quick, Precise Concentration Determination - Resistive pulse sensing allows particles to be counted with high precision, thus enabling rapid determination of the number of particles per mL of sample. A large concentration range is covered, extending from 105 to 1012 particles per mL.

  • Wide Range of Particle Types - Viruses - Adenovirus, Lentivirus, Baculovirus, HIV, H1N1, H7N3, CMV, Dengue, Flu viruses, Phage, EV7 Bacteria & Cells, E.Coli, Plankton, Shewanella, Bacilli, Cocci, yeast .. Virus-like-Particles, Blood Platelets, Liposomes, Exosomes, Protein Bioconjugates, Vesicles .. Bio-fragments, micelles, lipids, Cubosomes... Polymeric, PLGA, Hydrogels, Emulsions, Polystyrene, PMMA Magnetic, Titania, Silica, Pt, Gold

  • Compact. Portable. Rapid - qNano is compact (~12.5cm base, 22cm tall) and portable, and offers rapid analysis (analysis of thousands of particles usually takes 10-15 minutes)

  • Cost Effective - qNano offers applications not previously available to researchers at a fraction of the cost of the incumbent technologies. Izon s qNano is around the third of competitor products.

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