Zetasizer APS Light Scattering Instrument from Malvern

Zetasizer APS Light Scattering Instrument from Malvern

The Zetasizer Auto Plate Sampler (APS) automates Dynamic Light scattering measurements is a robust, simple to operate, Dynamic Light Scattering system that automates measurements of samples in industry standard 96- or 384-well plates to add the power of advanced light scattering analysis to your laboratory.

How do you know if your protein is well-behaved in certain buffers or if it aggregates over time in others? Is your protein still a monomer after thawing or reconstitution after freeze drying? Are your buffer conditions favourable to protein crystallization? The Zetasizer APS allows you to investigate the stability of your protein over a wide range of developmental conditions with minimal user intervention.

Improve accuracy, reliability and ease of use with the most advanced system available - The Zetasizer APS (Auto Plate Sampler).

What makes the Zetasizer APS unique?

  • Automation of measurements
  • High sensitivity
  • Small, recoverable sample volume
  • Dual temperature controls
  • User-friendly, flexible software

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