Zetasizer µV Light Scattering Instrument from Malvern

Zetasizer µV Light Scattering Instrument from Malvern

The Zetasizer µV adds the power of advanced light scattering techniques to your laboratory to improve accuracy, reliability and ease of use for the characterization of protein solutions.

  • Dynamic light scattering enables the accurate determination of the molecule size and the derived molecular weight. It also allows further characterization of the protein size distribution to determine the presence and proportion of aggregates.
  • Static light scattering enables you to determine the absolute molecular weight and 2nd virial coefficient of your protein in the sample buffer - a value indicating how well your protein is likely to stay in solution.

The new technology incorporated in the Zetasizer µV series delivers unequalled sensitivity and versatility. The Single Mode Fiber (SMF) technology takes protein measurements to new levels of sensitivity with the possibility of detecting down to a hydrodynamic radius of 0.3 nm. The performance capabilities of the Zetasizer µVv can only be fully appreciated with the dedicated advanced software.

What makes the Zetasizer µV unique?

  • Rapid, accurate and repeatable results
  • Small sample volume
  • Software for protein specialists
  • Programmable temperature control
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