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Park Systems XE-HDM Automatic Defect Review Atomic Force Microscope

Park Systems XE-HDM Automatic Defect Review Atomic Force Microscope

XE-HDM is an automatic defect review AFM which revolutionizes the way defects in HDD substrates and media are searched, scanned, and analyzed. The new XE-HDM significantly increases throughput for the defect review process; test runs with real defects demonstrate over 500 - 800% gain in throughput when compared with other methods of defect review.

Artifact Free Metrology by Crosstalk Elimination

  • Two independent, closed-loop XY and Z flexure scanners for sample and tip
  • Flat and linear XY scan of 100 µm x 100 µm with low residual bow
  • Out of plane motion of less than 2 nm over entire scan range
  • Accurate feature measurements with industry leading gauge sigma
  • Superior tool to tool matching

Longer Tip Life by True Non-Contact Mode

  • 10 times larger Z-scan bandwidth than a piezotube
  • 10 times or longer tip life for general purpose & defect imaging
  • Less tip wear for prolonged high-quality and high-resolution imaging
  • Minimized sample damage or modification
  • Immunity from parameter-dependent results observed in tapping imaging

Automatic Defect Review for Media and Substrates

  • Full automation results in 500~800% gain in throughput
  • Allows users to manage several tools simultaneously
  • Transfer KLA Tencor Candela defect maps to XE-HDM
  • Automated survey scan of defects mapped by Candela
  • Automated zoom-in scan of specified defects
  • Automated profiling of imaged defect types
  • Automated analysis of imaged defects

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