Park Systems XE-3DM Atomic Force Microscope

Park Systems has revolutionized the AFM with the introduction of the XE-3DM, the fully automated AFM system designed for overhang and trench profiles, sidewall roughness and imaging, and critical angle measurements. The unique design of the XE-3DM, made possible by the XE-series' decoupled XY and Z scanning system, allows for characterization of undercut features as well as top surfaces. In using Park Systems' True Non-Contact mode, the XE-3DM can realize non-destructive imaging of soft photoresist structures at the same scanning speed as any other XE-series platform.

High Resolution Access to Undercut and Sidewall

  • Two independent, closed-loop XY and Z flexure scanners for sample and tip
  • Z-scanner is tilted sideways from -40 to +40 degrees
  • Use of normal high aspect ratio tips for high resolution imaging
  • XY scan of up to 100 µm x 100 µm
  • Up to 25 um Z scan range by high force scanner

Non-destructive CD and Sidewall Measurements by True Non-Contact Mode

  • 10 times larger Z-scan bandwidth than a piezotube
  • Less tip wear for prolonged high-quality and high-resolution imaging
  • Minimized sample damage or modification
  • Soft photoresist structures can be imaged non-destructively
  • Immunity from parameter-dependent results observed in tapping imaging

Complete 3D Metrology of Sidewall

  • Sidewall roughness measurement
  • Critical angle measurement of sidewalls
  • Critical dimension measurements of vertical sidewalls

High Throughput Inline Automation

  • Allowable sample size: 200/300mm wafers
  • Automatic data acquisition and analysis of trench, overhang, and undercut Features
  • Automatic tip exchange (optional)
  • Equipment Front End Module (EFEM) for wafer Handling (optional)
  • Cleanroom compatibility and remote control interface
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