The SENTERRA Raman Microscope from Bruker Optics

The SENTERRA Raman Microscope from Bruker Optics

The SENTERRA is a high performance Raman microscope spectrometer designed for the most demanding analytical and research applications. Its most important innovation is certainly its internal continuous calibration as it ensures highest wavenumber accuracy without the need for calibrations with external standards.

The SENTERRA combines numerous novel and several patented features:

  • Continuous calibration with Sure_Cal®
  • Compact design with spectrometer included in the microscope
  • Multiple wavelengths: 1064nm, 830nm, 785nm, 633nm, 532nm and 488nm
  • High performance confocal depth profiling with FlexFocusTM
  • Automatic Fluorescence Rejection (AFR) using SERDS
  • Open architecture version for the study of larger samples (e.g. in art) with high lateral resolution
  • Inverted version for the investigation of living cells
  • Coupling with Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

Compact and Rugged Design

Most commercial Raman microscopes employ spectrometers that are separate from the microscope. Therefore, alignment and maintenance of these devices is time consuming. SENTERRA integrates a multi-laser Raman spectrometer between the reflected light illuminator and the binocular of the microscope. SENTERRA’s compact design provides a short beam path, which increases sensitivity and makes it more robust and stable.

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