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PI M-810 Miniature 6-Axis Hexapod Robot for Micropositioning

PI M-810 Miniature 6-Axis Hexapod Robot for Micropositioning

With two decades of Hexapod (Stewart Platform) design and manufacturing experience, PI electro-mechanical Hexapods and Piezo Hexapods are the most advanced multiaxis precision positioning systems in the world, providing significantly higher accuracy and resolution than hydraulically driven systems.

The new M-810 miniature Hexapod combines all the advantages of PI's other proven parallel-kinematic systems in the smallest of packages.

With a diameter of only 10 cm and a height of 11.8 cm, the M-810 offers travel ranges of up to 40 mm in the XY plane and 13 mm in the Z-direction. Despite of its small size, the hexapod can reliably position loads of up to 5 kg at velocities up to 10 mm/s.

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Features & Advantages

  • Smallest Industrial Grade 6-Axis Hexapod (Stewart Platform)
  • Sub-Micron Precision
  • Very High Forces and Load Capacity for its small Size
  • Travel to 40 mm / 60°
  • Load Capacity: 5 kg
  • Compact: 10 cm in Diameter, Height of 11.8 cm
  • Pivot Point Defined By User / Software
  • Mature 6-Axis Hexapod Controller and Software

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