Oxford Instruments ThinFilmID Thin Film Inspection and Dimension

ThinFilmID for the in-situ measurement of composition and thickness of thin films down to 1nm in the SEM.

ThinFilmID uses Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry (EDS) to measure the composition and thickness of layers in a thin film structure.

This technique has a unique combination of advantages that offer real benefits to customers both in terms of speed, optimisation of methods and ease of use.


  • Spatially resolved measurements - analyse a specific point on a sample
  • Excellent nano-scale lateral resolution - controlled by the interaction volume and only few hundred nm at low kV
  • Measure the composition and /or thickness of the layers
  • Measures layers from <1nm to >2000nm
  • Measure structures with up to 7 layers plus substrate with up to 16 elements.
  • Unique Solvability and Simulation tool for simple optimization of data collection conditions
  • Non-destructive technique with no need to cross-section structures
  • Minimal sample preparation = time and cost savings
  • Works with existing SEMs and INCAEnergy, no unique hardware is required
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