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Anasys Instruments nanoIR

The nanoIR™ platform from Anasys Instruments is a probe-based measurement tool that reveals the chemical composition of samples at the nanoscale. This laboratory solution combines key elements of both infrared spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy (AFM) to enable the acquisition of infrared spectra at spatial resolutions well beyond the optical diffraction limit. Click here for basic operating principles. Potential application areas span polymer science, materials science, and life science, including detailed studies of structure-property correlations.

Nanoscale Spatial Resolution + Chemical Spectroscopy

The nanoIR system provides nanoscale spatial resolution in combination with chemical spectroscopy. Users of nanoIR technology can quickly survey regions of a sample via AFM and then rapidly acquire high-resolution chemical spectra at selected regions on the sample. Mechanical and thermal properties may also be mapped with nanoscale resolution.

Rich, Interpretable IR Spectra

The nanoIR system enables researchers to harness the full power of mid-IR spectroscopy. The system’s IR source, designed using proprietary technology, is continuously tunable from 3600 to 1200 cm-1. Polymer spectra acquired with the nanoIR system have demonstrated good correlation with bulk FTIR spectra. The nanoIR software also allows researchers to export nanoscale IR absorption spectra to standard analysis packages (e.g., Bio-Rad’s KnowItAll®) to rapidly analyze samples and identify chemical components.

Integrated Thermal and Mechanical Property Mapping

In addition to its ability to provide high-resolution infrared spectra, the nanoIR system provides direct information on thermal and mechanical properties. Mechanical properties of a sample can be collected using a contact resonance method to map stiffness variations simultaneously with the topography. The nanoIR platform can also perform nanoscale thermal analysis, enabling researchers to move beyond bulk thermal analysis and providing information not obtainable with any other technique.

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