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Cypher AFM from Asylum Research

Cypher AFM from Asylum Research

You've been expecting something genuinely new from the AFM/SPM industry, but for many years you've only seen tweaks to old technology. Now Asylum Research introduces the Cypher™ AFM, the first totally new small sample AFM/SPM in over a decade. More capability, more control, more functionality, more modularity, and more resolution - all with >20X faster scanning and striking ease of use.

The Cypher from Asylum Research is the world's fastest and highest resolution AFM and features:

  • Images in seconds instead of minutes or even hours
  • Most accurate images and measurements
  • Atomic point defect resolution,
  • Automatic laser and photodiode alignment for ease of use

Closed loop atomic resolution

Closed loop atomic resolution using sensors in all three axes ensures the highest resolution and most accurate images possible today.

With the Cypher AFM, you no longer have to choose between the accuracy and control of closed loop and the low noise of open loop. Asylum's third generation NanoPositioning System (NPS™) sensors are the quietest in the world today.

With positioning accuracies better than 60 picometers in X, Y and Z, you not only achieve atomic resolution in closed loop, you also get the most accurate measurements, positioning and nanomanipulation possible.

SpotOn™ automated laser alignment

SpotOn™ automated laser alignment provides extraordinary ease of use. With Cypher's fully motorized laser and photodiode positioning, a mouse click aligns the laser spot on your cantilever and centers your photodetector.

Faster Scanning

Faster Scanning with Laser spot sizes as small as 3µm enable high-speed AC imaging with small cantilevers. Cypher provides the industry's smallest spot size, allowing you to use cantilevers smaller than 10µm for fast imaging and sub-picoNewton force measurements.

Cypher's proprietary system-level mechanical design

Cypher's proprietary system-level mechanical design is inherently immune to normal environmental vibration, eliminating the need for additional isolation add-ons for most labs. The integrated system enclosure includes thermal control and provides additional acoustic isolation for noisy environments.

This system-level design creates images of atomically flat samples that are free of periodic noise. Cypher also features unimpeded 180 degree optical/mechanical access to your samples and a small 40x42cm footprint that conserves lab space.

Interchangeable modules

Interchangeable modules broaden your options for applications and scanning modes. MultiLux™ source modules are available with laser diodes and low-coherence SLDs in a variety of spot sizes to provide optimal signal-to-noise over a wide range of cantilever lengths. Module exchange takes only a minute.

High resolution top-view optics

High resolution top-view optics with Kohler illumination provide crystal clear viewing of your sample and tip. Cypher's custom optics with 20X objective are limited only by physical diffraction. You'll see sub-micron resolution over a 690x920µm field of view with digital zoom and pan.

Thermal control

Cypher's integrated enclosure provides thermal control and acoustic isolation to optimize imaging and measurement stability. Achieve >10X improvement in thermal drift compared to older, less advanced SPMs.

User Testimonials

We were delighted to host a team of researchers from Asylum Research to the LCN in London to demonstrate the capabilities of their new Cypher atomic force microscope. During this three-day event, our researchers had the chance to try this new high resolution microscope and were left with a very positive experience. I believe Cypher is one of if not the best high performance AFM on the market. It shines by its combination of high-resolution and ease of use.

Laurent Bozec, London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN)

Cypher is one fantastic AFM. It sets the standard for both resolution and ease of use. It makes routine characterization easy and opens many possibilities for high resolution imaging. We're really excited to have this instrument in our lab.

Raymond R. Dagastine, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Melbourne

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