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RAITH150-TWO Electron Beam Direct Write System

RAITH150-TWO Electron Beam Direct Write System

NEW system for electron beam direct write. Improved stability, a new Digital Pattern Generator and an ultra-high resolution electron optics result in new specifications.

The RAITH150-TWO is the primary choice of Nano Research Centres for ultra high resolution patterning in the nanometer range and complex applications on masks and wafers up to 8 inch. A 20-MHz pattern generator using optimized pattern filling modes shortens exposure times. Stability is improved by newly designed shielding with independant temperature control.

The RAITH150-TWO utilizes the latest developments in electron optics technology. A unique cross-over-free beam path gives extremely high beam current densities of about 20,000 A/cm2 delivering ultra-high patterning resolution in combination with increased lithography throughput.

Key applications

  • Mix-and-match with optical lithography
  • Advanced device prototyping
  • Exposures on wafers and masks
  • Template manufacturing

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