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X-Ray Diffractometer - X'Pert PRO MRD from PANalytical

X-Ray Diffractometer - X'Pert PRO MRD from PANalytical

PANalytical's X'Pert PRO Materials Research Diffractometer is the most flexible system available for X-ray diffraction studies for:

  • advanced materials science and nanotechnology
  • metrologic characterization in semiconductor process development

It can handle a wide range of applications, and is especially suitable for thin film analysis applications such as:

  • rocking curve analysis and reciprocal space mapping
  • reflectometry and thin film phase analysis
  • residual stress and texture analysis

As well as the proven standard version of the X'Pert PRO MRD system, a number of special versions exist:

  • in-plane diffraction to measure diffraction from lattice planes that are perpendicular to the sample surface
  • an extended version allowing mounting of an X-ray mirror and a high-resolution monochromator in-line, increasing the intensity of the incident beam
  • high-resolution XRD analysis requirements of the semiconductors, thin films, and advanced materials industries
  • an advanced tool for thin film process development
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