Powder and Particle Size Analyzer - SALD-7101 from Shimadzu

The SALD-7101 powder and particle size analyzer is the first in the world to adopt a 375 nm UV semiconductor laser. This provides a great new tool for research and development in nanotechnology and life sciences.


Features of the SALD-7101 powder and particle size analyzer include:

  • 10 nm Lower Limit of Detection
    A previously unreachable 10 nm lower limit of detection is achieved through a combination of a world-first 375 nm-wavelength UV semiconductor laser light source and a light sensor consisting of a high-sensitivity light receptors created by the most up-to-date production processes specifically to handle UV lasers.
  • Measure Concentrations from Several ppm to 20%
    Compared to other instruments, SALD-7101 permits measurements across an extremely broad range of concentrations from several ppm to 20%. The particle size of fine particles, particularly nanoparticles, varies with the concentration. The dispersion and coagulation of nanoparticles can be observed while altering the concentration.
  • 1-second Minimum Measurement Time
    The standard setting for the measurement time is 10 seconds but can be reduced to a minimum of 1 second. The particle size distribution can be displayed in realtime at 1-second intervals. This function is permitted by the use of a single light source that requires no switching and the wide-angle detection method.
  • SLIT Optical System
    Seamless measurement over the entire range using a single measurement principle, single optical system, and single light source. The SLIT optical system continuously captures forward-scattered light at up to 60° on a single detection plane. Accurate particle size distribution measurements are possible across the entire measurement range using a single standard, as the instrument does not incorporate multiple optical systems that create discontinuities in the data.
  • Software
    The WingSALD-7101 for Windows 2000/Xp combines a variety of data processing functions with simple and quick operability. The software is divided into three "wings" (subprograms) to suit different purposes and processing requirements.
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