NTEGRA Spectra - AFM / Confocal Raman & Fluorescence / SNOM / TERS from NT-MDT

The NTEGRA Spectra is a unique integration of Scanning Probe Microscope and confocal microscopy/luminescence and Raman scattering spectroscopy. Owing to the effect of huge tip enhanced Raman scattering it allows carrying out Raman spectroscopy and obtaining images with resolution up to 50 nm.

Only NTEGRA Spectra provides fully technical integrated with a Renishaw spectrometer solution in terms of software, hardware, and concept for interdisciplinary science at the molecular level. As a result of such union, researchers can obtain optimum efficiency and more time for investigations which allow you to focus on data collection and analysis. So it is safe to say: real integration is better than just a combination.

Confocal optical microscopy/spectroscopy system
The NTEGRA Spectra nanolaboratory is a system that combines a confocal scanning laser spectrometer, optical microscope and universal scanning probe microscope. The system is capable of working in the mode of registration of spatial 3D distribution of the luminescence spectrum and Raman light scattering, as well as various scanning probe microscopy modes that include nanoindentation, nanomanipulation and nanolithography.

Scanning probe microscopy system
Along with the optical observation, the NTEGRA Spectra allows investigating the object with a set of SPM methods: AFM, MFM, STM, Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy, Force spectroscopy. The unique combination of optical and probe methods in one device allows carrying out complex experiments, which will provide the researcher with information on the distribution of optical properties and the object’s chemistry overlapped with the mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties data.

System for the investigation of optical properties beyond the diffraction limit
The distinguishing feature of NTEGRA Spectrum nanolaboratory is the capability of studying optical properties of objects beyond the diffraction limits. Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy and the effect of local tip enhanced Raman scattering provides the researcher with the tools for mapping the optical properties distribution (light transmission, light scattering, light polarization, etc.) as well as carrying out Raman scattering spectroscopy with flat XY resolution up to 50 nm.

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