Avid Nano W130i Dynamic Light Scattering System

Avid Nano W130i Dynamic Light Scattering System

Avid Nano's W130i dynamic light scattering system is a breakthrough, high sensitivity instrument for size and molecular weight measurement of proteins, bio-molecules and sub-micron particles. The W130i combines ultimate measurement performance with an economical benchtop footprint, rugged durability and supreme user convenience. It's extraordinarily compact dimensions are the result of miniaturized 'diamond geometry' S.A.B.Re fibre optic technology.

5µl disposable BladeCell™
To complement the W130i, Avid Nano have created a unique, low volume, disposable dynamic light scattering measurement cuvette.

The W130i is supplied with BladeCells as standard, giving the user immediate access to a totally new DLS technology.

Standard fluorescence cuvette compatibility makes the W130i adaptable and flexible in operation. Fits standard 12.5mm square section 8.5mm centre height cuvettes of 12µl, 45µl and larger.

Built-in flow mode compatibility means every W130i can be put online using the optional low volume 8µl flow cuvette.

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