AutoProbe 200 Nano-Manipulator System from Omniprobe

The AutoProbe™ 200 is Omniprobe's most popular nano-manipulator system. It is a fully automated, multi-purpose nano-positioning system capable of in-situ lift-out, electrical measurements, nano-mechanical testing and charge neutralization in the FIB, Auger or SEM. The computer controlled system offers high throughput, high accuracy (100nm standard, 10nm optional) and a field-proven excellent success rate for all tasks.

The system includes a dedicated PC, a flat panel display with desk-mount display arm, a precise 3-axis linear motion sub-system incorporating stage-mounted linear encoders, a motion control interface, and an instruction manual including a detailed installation procedure. The AutoProbe™ 200 motion control system is extremely accurate and repeatable to within 100nm of stage displacement (10nm available) over the entire range of motion available within the vacuum chamber.

Other features include the ability to save and return to specific XYZ coordinates corresponding to locations of interest, switch the coordinate frame of reference back and forth from the probe port XYZ to that of the sample stage, surface contact warning and detection, and user-selectable fixed incremental movement with 100nm resolution and continuous movement of the probe tip. The standard software package is capable of controlling four AutoProbes simultaneously. The AutoProbe™ 200 is chamber mounted so it is compatible with whole-wafer analysis as well as discreet sample manipulation.

Accessories include a strain gage probe tip holder for precise touch down detection and nano-mechanical testing, a servo controlled 4th axis for rotation.

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