OmniGIS Gas Injection System from Omniprobe

The OmniGIS™ is Omniprobe's new multiple gas injection system for the FIB or SEM. It provides programmable feedback control of three on-board gas sources and an additional external purge/carrier gas source while occupying only a single GIS port! The user can create and recall complex process flows. The OmniGIS™ is compatible with both deposition precursors, Tungsten, Platinum, Oxides, as well as etch chemistries. The OmniGIS™ uses industry standard solid or liquid precursor crucibles that are user replaceable with no realignment of the injector system required.

Key Features:

  • Industry Leading Gas Injector Single Needle - Single Port - Multi-Source
    • Wide Variety of Sources Including Solid, Liquid and Gas
    • Motor Driven Needle Positioning
  • Intuitive Graphical Software “Drag & Drop” Recipe Builds
    • Individual or Mixed Source Delivery
    • Local or Remote Control from SEM, FIB, and Lithography Systems
    • Advanced Software Features for Research
  • Multi-Function Controller Stand-Alone Ethernet Link to SEM/FIB Computer
    • Precision Flow Control
    • Additional Control of Existing Gas Injectors
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