SST™ and GLL™ Sample Transfer Systems from Omniprobe

Omniprobe's products have been notable for their quality and innovation often creating new capabilities and ease of use for FIB and SEM analysts. Omniprobe was the first company to offer tools specifically tailored for TEM sample preparation inside the FIB and drove the revolutionary process now known as in-situ lift-out across the industry.

Two Sample Transfer Systems are offered by Omniprobe:

  • The Sensitive Sample Transfer (SST) 400.1 is Omniprobe's low-cost, integrated Sensitive Sample Transfer system for protecting your FIB prepared samples during transfer from the FIB to the TEM or any other analytical instrument. The SST 400.1 mounts to the side of your FIB with a "smart" vacuum interlock and capsule purge system. A dedicated sample transfer capsule is included which can be filled with nitrogen, argon or brought to atmosphere for transfer. At the other end of the transfer, a custom inert atmosphere glove box provides a protective environment for transferring the FIB sample to a subsequent environmental sample holder, such as a sealable TEM sample holder.

  • The Generic Load Lock (GLL) is Omniprobe's low-cost, integrated load lock system for allowing the loading and unloading of samples to and from the FIB or SEM without breaking vacuum. The GLL mounts to almost any side port, as small as an NW40, with "smart" vacuum interlock logic. It can be plumbed directly to the microscope roughing pump or to a dedicated roughing pump for faster transfer. The GLL is easily customized to fit FIB or SEM microscopes of almost any make or model.

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