ShortCut™ Sample Preparation System from Omniprobe

The external Short-Cut™ tool is an important component of the AutoProbe™ 300 integrated solution. The Short-Cut™ accomplishes fast and easy ex-situ attachment of the lift-out sample to a TEM grid. This step greatly improves FIB utilization since the former in-situ grid attach step is eliminated. The Short-Cut™ ex-situ sample attach process is simple and reliable. Lift-out samples are first attached to the probe needles using Omniprobe’s patented lift-out method. The probe tip is then removed from the FIB and presented to the Short-Cut™ tool. With the simple push of a button, the probe needle, with lamella attached, is automatically aligned and transferred to a TEM grid. Meanwhile the FIB, which formerly performed this function, has been freed up and can be used for other analysis tasks.

Key Features:

  • Simplify S/TEM Sample Prep
  • Eliminate FIB Time for Grid Attachment
  • Execute Fast Backside Milling
  • Enable Atom Probe Analysis
  • Create Tomography Samples
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