SIGMA Scanning Electron Microscopes from Carl Zeiss

The SIGMA, featuring GEMINI® technology provides outstanding imaging and analytical results from a field emission microscope.

The SIGMA is now available with variable pressure (VP) technology for exceptional imaging and analysis of non-conductive specimen. It is compatible with a wealth of accessories including the class leading Carl Zeiss BSD and VPSE G3 detectors for superior materials contrast and SE imaging in VP.

SIGMA– Key Benefits

Analytical Platform

  • Simultaneous EDS and EBSD analysis
  • Universal WDS port as standard providing flexibility for a comprehensive range of acces
  • sories Extended stage travel for handling of large specimen
  • Class leading analytical and X-ray geometry

Best in class imaging with GEMINI® Technology

  • Outstanding imaging and ease of use using the high performance GEMINI® column
  • High purity, In-lens, SE detection for true surface imaging
  • Excellent imaging at low voltages for beam sensitive and non-conducting specimen
  • Investigation of magnetic samples with GEMINI® objective lens design for distortion free imaging

Ease of Use

  • Unique column design providing superb imaging for both experts and novices alike
  • Advanced Navigation allowing for high productivity and throughput
  • SmartSEM® Interface for intuitive operation of the SEM

FESEM providing unrivaled versatility

  • Advanced VP technology for exceptional imaging and analysis of non-conductive specimen
  • Seamless switching between high vacuum and variable pressure vacuum modes
  • Upgradeability with large range of Carl Zeiss detectors
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