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Posted in | Microfluidic Devices

Mitos P-Pump for Microfuidic Devices from Dolomite

The Mitos P-Pump (Part No. 3200016) features an innovative pumping technology providing stable and pulseless flow even at very low flow rates.

Operating over a wide pressure range of 0 – 10bar, the Mitos P-Pump offers a flexible solution for microfluidic systems operating from nl/min to ml/min and is suitable for use with viscous liquids.

The design features a lockable pressure chamber, which is easy to access and accommodates a wide range of fluid vessels. It has a capacity for fluid samples from 100µl to 30ml allowing longer experimental runs. The Mitos P-Pump uses fluid directly from your chosen vial reducing sample waste.

The Mitos P-Pump works with laboratory Nitrogen or Argon supply, gas bottle or compressor, making set-up quick and easy. Users can easily control and change the settings of the pump via a display and intuitive twist-and-click knob.


  • Precise pressure control down to 10mbar
  • Excellent accuracy and response time
  • Optional remote chamber with 250ml reservoir
  • Integrates with Dolomite Flow Sensors
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Efficient: eliminates dead volume and sample waste
  • Flow conditions can be changed quickly and easily
  • Free PC software including LabVIEWTM drivers


Quick and easy to use, the Mitos P-Pump benefits a wide range of application areas including cell manipulation, microreactions and droplet formation.

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