TFS 600 Thin Film Deposition System from Beneq

The Beneq TFS 600 is an application-specific ALD system designed for vacuum-line integrated organic light-emitting diode (OLED) encapsulation. It provides superior ALD thin-film quality while meeting the high throughput, robustness, and reliability requirements of an industrial in-line environment. In the TFS 600, these requirements are addressed by optimized reaction chamber design, a robust and modular build, proven control and operation components and integrated safety features.

Performance highlights

  • Superior thin-film coating quality, ideally suited for demanding OLED encapsulation applications
  • Short cycle time meeting high throughput in-line production requirements
  • Fully automated loading operations
  • Clean-room compatible
  • All components located within ventilated frame for occupational safety and health reasons
  • Ergonomic design for maximizing efficiency of substrate handling, precursor changing and vacuum chamber access and maintenance
  • Control system designed for easy line integration and compatible with GEM/SECS equipment-to-host communication
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