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Beneq-Glaston TFC2000 Continuous Off-Line Production System

Beneq-Glaston TFC2000 Continuous Off-Line Production System

The TFC2000 is designed for continuous production of TCO-coated glass for the solar industry. It represents a unique and seamless combination of the world-leading glass and annealing know-how of Glaston and Beneq nAERO® thin film TCO-coating.

Performance highlights

  • Cost efficiency
    • The highest capacity with the smallest footprint – a true all-in-one line for adjustable TCO-coating.
    • High deposition efficiency – nAERO exhibits higher coating growth rate than any competing technology.
    • Raw material (precursor) yield 20% or better – save on materials.
    • Easy entry to TCO – a turnkey solution for fast and easy start-up for solar glass.
  • High quality
    • The most durable coating – pyrolytic hard coating with high resistance against wear and tear.
    • Easily adjustable level of haze – enables TCO-coatings for different types of thin film solar cells (a-Si, µc-Si, Cd-Te)
    • World-leading heat treatment technology – insures a safe and efficient run for every single pane of glass.
  • Comprehensive know-how
    • Leading glass industry expertise – Glaston and Beneq represent in-depth knowledge, innovative thinking and solid industrial solutions.
    • The most advanced process automation systems – built by professionals for professionals.
    • Widest service network – always there when you need us.

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