Automated UV-NIL Nanoimprint Lithography System - The IQ Aligner from EV Group

The IQ Aligner Ultraviolet Nanoimprint Lithography (UV-NIL) System allows for micromolding and nanoimprinting processes with stamps and wafers from 150 mm to 300mm diameter. Uniform contact force for high yield large area printing is provided by EV Group's proprietary chuck design which supports both soft and hard stamps. Configurations include release mechanisms for stamps from imprinted substrates.

Features of the IQ Aligner UV-NIL System

  • For micromolding applications of optical elements
  • For full field nanoimprinting applications
  • 3 independently controlled z-spindles for superior wedge compensation between stamp and substrate
  • 3 independently controlled z-spindles for TTV control of imprint resist
  • Soft UV-NIL processes utilizing soft working stamps
  • EVG's proprietary fully automated de-embossing function
  • Resist dispense station integration
  • Bond alignment and UV-bonding capabilities
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