Agilent 5420 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

The 5420 AFM has been engineered by Agilent Technologies to provide lower noise, enhanced performance, and greater versatility. Featuring a new ergonomic design, this scientific-grade microscope delivers atomic-scale resolution at a remarkably affordable price.

Open access to the scanner and sample plates, along with easy alignment of the microscope’s optics, simplifies the use of the 5420. The scanner mounts quickly and is held in place with a clamp closure. In addition, the scanner’s easy-to-load nose cones allow fast, convenient switching between imaging modes. These nose cones are made from PEEK polymers, have low chemical reactivity, and can be used in a wide range of solvents.

The 5420 also offers advanced new electrical characterization capabilities. One technique, electrical single-pass mode, takes full advantage of new low-noise electronics to enable high-resolution Kelvin force microscopy (KFM), electric force microscopy (EFM), and piezo force microscopy (PFM). In addition, Agilent’s scanning microwave microscopy (SMM) mode is the only mode in the market that allows highly sensitive calibrated capacitance & dopant density measurements.

Key features:

  • • Easy-to-align, newly improved optics
  • Open access to scanner and sample plates
  • Easy-to-load, interchangeable nose cones
  • New electronics support high-resolution KFM, EFM, PFM
  • Exclusive SMM mode for calibrated electrical measurements
  • Excellent for education… undergraduate course curriculum provided

Performance capabilities:

  • • Atomic resolution for electronic materials, materials science, surface characterization
  • Cost-effective upgrades include choice of open-loop, closed-loop, and STM scanners
  • SMM option for calibrated electrical and spatial characterization
  • Patented MAC Mode option enables unparalleled in-fluid and soft-sample imaging
  • MAC Mode III option offers three lock-in amplifiers, use of higher harmonics
  • Heating and cooling options provide high-precision temperature control
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