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Keysight 5500 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

The Keysight 5500 AFM offers numerous unique features, such as patented top-down scanning and unrivaled environmental and temperature control, while providing maximum flexibility and modularity.

The universal microscope base permits easy integration with an environmental chamber or an inverted optical microscope. Sample preparation is made easy with Keysight Technologies’ unique sample plates, which have been designed for many different applications, including imaging in fluids.

The 5500 is the ideal multiple-user research system. Its intelligent, modular design permits simple integration of numerous imaging modes, an electrochemistry kit, and a video microscope. Keysight’s multipurpose, top-down scanners come in a range of sizes, both open- and closed-loop, all offering outstanding linearity, accuracy, versatility, and ease of use. These scanners are perfect for imaging in fluids or air and under controlled temperature and environmental conditions.

Keysight’s temperature controller uses a patented thermal insulation and compensation design to deliver the industry’s most precise temperature control. It allows imaging during temperature changes and is fully compatible with all imaging modes, including those utilized in fluid. Keysight’s industry-leading environmental isolation chamber mounts directly to the 5500 microscope and provides a hermetically sealed sample compartment that is completely isolated from the rest of the system. Keysight’s electrochemical SPM option includes a complete kit for high-resolution in situ EC-SPM experiments.

Key features:

  • Highly modular system affords users utmost flexibility
  • Superior scanning in fluids, gases, or ambient conditions
  • High-resolution open & closed loop scanners provide large scan range
  • Unique sample plates aid easy sample preparation
  • Convenient vertical sample approach

Performance capabilities:

  • Atomic resolution for electrochemistry, polymers, and soft material applications
  • Supports all imaging modes
  • Patented MAC Mode enables unparalleled in-fluid and soft-sample imaging
  • MAC Mode III offers three lock-in amplifiers, use of higher harmonics
  • PicoTREC molecular recognition and EC-SPM options extend utility
  • Unrivaled environmental and temperature control
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