Anton Paar Nanoindentation Tester (NHT)

Anton Paar  Nanoindentation Tester (NHT)

The Nano-Indentation Tester has been created to provide surface mechanical characterization data by indenting to depths at the nanometer-micron scales. This Nano-Indentation Tester can be utilized to characterize organic, inorganic, soft or hard materials and coatings. To illustrate some examples such as thin and multilayer PVD, CVD, PECVD, photoresists, paints, lacquers, and many other types of films and coatings. Bulk material surface mechanical characterization can also be performed on hard or soft materials as well as metals, semiconductors, glasses, ceramics, composites, biomimetic and in vitro biomaterials.


  • Unique top-referencing surface determination
  • Automated optical microscope camera inspection before and after testing
  • Feedback-controlled normal force
  • Differential capacitive measurement of indentation depths
  • PC software package for automated data acquisition, storage and evaluation


  • Vacuum or environmental control enclosure
  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • High resolution camera
  • High resolution (0.25 um) X-Y sample stage
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