Anton Paar TTX Nanoindentation Tester

Anton Paar TTX Nanoindentation Tester

The Anton Paar Table Top Instrument sets the performance of the standard Nanoindentation Tester (NHT) into a small and simple-to-use instrument which is ideally suited to routine nanoindentation testing where a complete platform configuration would not be appropriate or necessary.

The Table Top instrument has the asset of being extremely compact and particularly designed for mechanical hardness testing. It can be configured with diverse motorized or manual sample stages in order for your characterization need to be in line with your budget. Hence, the TTX provides an extraordinary cost-effective solution, whilst maintaining the full technical performances of the featured Anton Paar nanoindentation instrument.

The nanoindentation head reaches the same high level of performance as the standard Nanoindentation Tester (NHT). Furthermore it is upgradeable with optional technical features like Sinus mode (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis: storage and loss module) and can also be configured with a range of displacement stage options and integrated video microscope.


Maximum Load

500 mN

Load Resolution

0.04 μN

Maximum Depth   

200 μm

Depth Resolution 

0.04 nm

The TTX encompasses an extremely cost effective yet multi-mode nanoindentation system providing numerous testing configurations:

  • Simple indentation
  • Advanced indentation
  • Progressive multi cycles
  • Continuous Multi Cycles (CMC)
  • User-defined sequence
  • Sinus mode (optional)

The Table Top Nanoindentation Tester incorporates a control unit, and analysis and storage software. A display of data and HMI is provided by a dual 17" LCD monitor.

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