Silicon Drift Detector - INCAx-act from Oxford Instruments

INCAx-act LN2-free Analytical Silicon Drift Detector with PentaFET® Precision has six advantages:

  • The Speed of a Silicon Drift Detector
  • The Accuracy of the INCA Quant software
  • The Reliability of an INCAx-stream pulse processor
  • The Convenience of an LN2-free System
  • The Quality of Oxford Instruments Technology
  • The Precision of Oxford Instruments PentaFET Technology

Standard features of the INCAx-act include:

  • Accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis - When you need the convenience of LN2-free operation, but you don't want to compromise on quality of results
  • Accurate Manual ID - The combination of stable hardware, "Check Total", "Spectrum Reconstruction Overlay" and "Pulse Pile-Up Correction" ensure that all elements in the spectra are identified correctly
  • Accurate Auto ID - The combination of stable hardware and Auto ID algorithms which accurately account for peak shape and position
  • Increased productivity - Results at 100,000cps match those achieved at 1,000cps, giving the ability to increase count rates without risking the quality of your results
  • Fast X-ray mapping - Collect artefact free maps reflecting true elemental compositions in seconds
  • Fully integrated with the market leading INCA platform - Take advantage of working with EBSD and WDS techniques on the one cohesive platform


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